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Genetic testing can help identify potential health risks and diagnose disease. The modern laboratory services at Panorama City Urgent Care in Panorama City, California, provide genetic testing to improve your wellness and treatment options for a wide variety of health conditions. To learn more about the benefits of genetic testing, call Panorama City Urgent Care or schedule an appointment online today.

Genetic Testing Q & A

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What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing is a type of medical screening that looks for at the genes that you inherit from your parents and then pass to your own children. These tests can help identify the risks of specific health problems, guide treatment options, and assess your response to medical treatment.

Your doctor at Panorama City Urgent Care might recommend genetic testing to identify:

  • Your tolerance to certain medications
  • Treatable conditions in newborn babies
  • Gene changes that increase your risk of disease
  • Hereditary issues that could be passed on to children

Genetic testing can also help your doctor diagnose disease and determine its severity. Medicare and preferred provider organizations (PPO) cover most genetic tests.

How does genetic testing work?

There are several methods used in genetic testing.

Molecular genetic tests

Molecular genetic tests, or gene tests, look for mutations or variations in short lengths of DNA that might cause a genetic disorder.

Chromosomal genetic tests

This type of test looks for large genetic changes in whole chromosomes, like an extra copy of a chromosome, which causes genetic conditions.

Biochemical genetic tests

This type of genetic testing studies the activity level or amount of proteins in your genes to identify abnormalities that might cause disorders.

Are there different types of genetic testing?

There are several types of genetic tests depending on the information your doctor is trying to identify. These include:

  • Carrier testing
  • Prenatal testing
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Newborn screening
  • Research genetic testing
  • Pharmacogenomic testing
  • Pre-symptomatic and predictive genetic tests

Panorama City Urgent Care offers a wide range of genetic testing services. Your doctor can even send a swab to the on-site lab to easily evaluate what your body does and doesn’t metabolize.

What are the benefits of genetic testing?

There are several benefits to genetic testing. Not only can early intervention of some genetic diseases save lives, but it also helps avoid unnecessary clinical testing because, sometimes, it's the only way to make an accurate diagnosis. Genetic testing can also provide more effective treatment options for various health conditions.

Genetic testing can also offer peace of mind to families and provide useful information for family planning.

To learn more about the benefits of genetic testing, call Panorama City Urgent Care or schedule an appointment online today.